Lessons in Psalm 23 by Pastor Melissa Scott

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Psalm 23 verse 1. 

This is what you will identify in your Bible: the LORD.  Spelled in capital letters, it is identifying with this Yahweh, God with Elohim.  And this capital L and the rest small -ord, Adonai for Lord or Master, Adonai, Elohim and Yahweh.

 What does it mean?

I need to set the foundation. Yahweh is the name that God revealed Himself to man. Now that doesn’t seem very staggering except that if you look back at the use of the word and the nature of the word, especially when Moses is identified by God at the burning bush and He doesn’t say, “Hey you over there,” He says, “Moses” and calls him by name and reveals Himself as the I am God.

The Hebrew lets us determine a fuller understanding of the name Yahweh.   This is only like on tenth of a million in terms of trying to give a definition, which we can’t even rightly define because you cannot define God.

But I’m trying to give an idea to those people who want to better understand. And the relevance that this will have within my text to be, to become being the existing one and to better see the difference between Yahweh and Elohim. Many times in our Bible we will read “my God,” and it’s personalized in the Hebrew by the ending that looks like that.  The long K with the little funny sign at the back, at the end, “my God.”

What’s strange is in translation you will seldom if ever encounter from the Hebrew vantage point, not the English, you will seldom encounter “my Lord.” You say, “Isn’t that strange?” No.

In fact what’s even more strange is this. We have a definite article many times, which is rightly read for in front of God. So we say Elohim–and sometimes it has a definite article, which comes before it, saying “The God.” But guess what? You’ll never encounter that with “Lord” in Hebrew. You’ll never have a definite article in front of Yahweh.

Now the reason why am telling you this is because this is my text and it prompted me to look at it properly to see and identify what I’m talking about really has a relevance in the whole panoply of what I’ve just done. The text here Yahweh Roiy (lo e ka sar being translated): “LORD Shepherd

Back to the Basics by Pastor Melissa Scott

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Pastor Melissa Scott teaches us that  every once in a while we need to come back to the basics. Go back to God’s promises, they’re yours, they’re mine. I had a good laugh when I was thinking about these children on the playground. I thought of one of the promises, “Shoes of iron and brass.” I got to thinking about it, you know God’s a funny fashion designer. Shoes of iron and brass wouldn’t cut it in this day and age. But there’s something about what He says, we know ‘tough shoes for a tough trip,’ but if you think about it, to give us shoes like that it’s going to be tough. Not only do you have to make the trip but you’ve got to drag these things around.

What I like about God’s Book is that the Bible confirms itself. That’s why we read in Ephesians 6 ‘Your feet shod with the gospel of peace,’ same equipping if you will, same mindset, same everything—we’re on a journey. Now I take that, “Shoes of iron and brass,” and go back to the playground and imagine now you’re a kid swinging across those monkey bars. What a terrible analogy for some of us grown-ups wearing their shoes of iron and brass going across those monkey bars. Guaranteed you’re going to fall, there’s just a guarantee, the weight alone is going to probably kill you when you fall. But when you fall, and I’m trying to be funny and satirical, but the fact of the matter is when you fall, and we all do, Romans 3:23 says “All have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.”

Faith and Emotion by Pastor Melissa Scott

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Everything points back to rock-solid Faith and I always ask myself the question “Why do people waver so much?” I’m not talking about little bits, I’m talking about one day we’re up and the next day we’re down. I’m not talking about emotions because I think most people have this confused. Faith and your emotions are not the same, they’re not synonymous. Faith is based on a fact starting with the Resurrection. Now how can you slide around that? How can your Faith become less? Are you less sure today than you were a year ago about Jesus Christ’s Resurrecting? Absolutely not! Then why would your Faith move? Now I’m not talking about being a stoic. A stoic is more than “I shall not be, I shall not be moved” (like the song), it’s more like “I refuse to let anybody see me cry, blink, or smile.” I’m not talking about that.

Pastor Melissa Scott talks about Faith. Read about Paul in the New Testament. He’s in prison, he’s in a cell, he’s shipwrecked, he’s beaten, he’s being tried, and yet he’s still Paul full of Faith. He doesn’t have anything other than the fact that he’s been converted, his Damascus road experience, and the element that makes him go out and proclaim the Word with certainty and confidence—the power of Jesus Christ. There’s a good definition of Faith right there.

A Beginning Bible Study Taught by Pastor Melissa Scott

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Pastor Melissa Scott describes your answer to the question “Is God fair?” I ask you not to just read words, but to digest them; they are life-giving words. You need the Word of God. That is my hope, that people will leave here saying, “I am going to study God’s Word.” “And not only so, but we also joy in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom we have now received the atonement. Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned.”  And if you would, please circle that “all.”  “For all have sinned.” That appears again in Romans 3:23. That’s another one of my favorite verses because it tells me not just some but  all have sinned. We meet good people in the course of a day, a week, a life. We say, “That’s a good person.” But even that good person, as good as they are, they’re still a sinner just like you and me. We walk around, still wearing this Adam container, our thoughts are contaminated, our mind is – and the only way to fix that is, as Romans 12:2 declares, by the renewing of your mind. We do that with God’s Word!

I hear people talk about depression. People are depressed. That’s surprising and when you come to probe why, you’ll find something staggering. Depression can be a chemical imbalance but there’s always the spiritual side of depression because depression is darkness, and darkness means you have let yourself become detached from the source of light. That light being God’s Word, that light being your prayer life, that light being the connectivity you need with God. So when people talk about depression, the first thing I ask is, “How often do you read the Bible? How often do you pray? Are you talking faith?” Because I’ve heard a lot of people say, “Well, you know if you think good thoughts . . .” Thinking good thoughts is not enough.

Talking faith and claiming promises in God’s book is the way. The Bible declares all the promises in this book are mine and yours to claim (2 Corinthians 1:20). Claim them. It means when you’re depressed and you’re down, when you’re scared – God’s not the author of fear – but when you’re scared you just say, “What time I’m afraid, I will trust in the Lord” and continue until you get to the point where you say, “I am trusting in the Lord.” These are the little steps we take. That’s what we mean when we say faithing.

 When I first heard the message and the Word of God being spoken, it did not bring faith immediately. It brought a lot of questions and confusion like, “I’ve gotten this far in my life without this stuff.” That’s right, and look how messed up it is, right? So, you need God’s Word, right? That’s the theme of this message. You need God’s Word.