Temptation by Pastor Melissa Scott

June 4, 2010 · Posted in Pastor Melissa Scott 

He must rule and have sovereignty, not just as Creator but within this creation and thereby, by that means, His name is manifested, His kingdom is manifested and by this very container, His will is manifested. And I love this. I’d read by it. I did the old-fashioned thing, which is to circle every single word and dissect and spend probably an hour on each individual word and I thought, isn’t it interesting, “Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven,” you know the italics are added by the translators. But I thought a reflection of this as we say glibly, “Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven,” I began to think like a body of water, like a lake.

When we look at it, it looks blue. In fact, it may not be blue; it’s only reflecting the sky, so it’s a reflection on earth of what is above. So God is anticipating what we will be as a reflection on earth as is what is above. That’s the best way to define this passage. And you begin to see. You stop for a minute and you say, “Let me reflect on this.” It’s no longer something I just recite and go through.   Now as we begin to and as I begin to teach on prayer, because I do know this. It is needed. This putting the self aside for a minute and just addressing Him and once that’s done; this is again, the staggering thing, He makes provisions for us: daily bread. He’s not saying, “Hey, kiddo, talk to me about tomorrow.” He says, day, “for today.”

Provision for today, then He talks about forgiveness which I can’t wait to talk about and gets down to this one thing that makes me think, Lord, have mercy on us who’ve read through this so many times and just rotely said, “and lead us not into temptation,” because it’s when in Luke, they come and they say, “Teach us to pray,” and He’s teaching them how to pray this prayer after this manner, then including temptation says to me Jesus not only knew we needed provision for sustenance, that we needed help in relating to our standing with God daily, asking for daily forgiveness and with regards to others. And then temptation. And just that is enough to make you sit down for a minute and say, “I need to think about this,” because if He made a provision for this and then something, something happens that, again, I’ve said when God repeats something pay attention. It’s repeated again. Not in a prayer but more likely and literally in a command.


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