Cross as a Symbol by Pastor Melissa Scott

June 11, 2010 · Posted in Pastor Melissa Scott 

Six thousand years almost if the scholars are correct. Who knows? And it had nothing to do with a country or cult per se. It had to with, if you look at the swastika outside of its menacing white circle and red background, which it never it did not have at the beginning. It just had the symbol.

It was clockwise symboling the changing or symbolizing the changing of the seasons. Nothing to do with the menacing Nazi Germany in a much nearer future; much closer past, I would say. So these things evoke emotions, but the Star of David that was found, which is sometimes called the Seal of Solomon, had no emotive meaning to it in the 6th century.

You’ve got to trace the meaning and watch it develop. And what happens is staggering. Now I tell you this because it will be important when we get to the cross. The Star of David; there are many people that say, “But what about the psalms? Because the psalmist talks about, “thou art a star and shield”-Mogen, Mogen-the Hebrew word. But in fact, whether we want to conjecture and fabricate ideas, there is not star per se that we can lift out of the Old Testament and claim this to be the actual, factual thing that is produced down the road. However, factually, these are the small miracles of the evolution of a culture and religious belief.

Here, fast forward to the year 1354 in Prague, Czechoslovakia. The holy Roman emperor, Charles IV, let’s his Jewish populace, the Jewish population of that city demonstrate their flag, which, by the way, has nothing to do with the flag of Israel, today’s flag, but it was nonetheless a flag with the star of David on it. And by the way, that flag is still on display at the oldest synagogue in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Little history factoids nestled in there. That symbol goes to Bohemia, to Eastern Europe and suddenly there by the time of the 17th century-this is pretty late in comparison to where we are. The 17th century in Vienna, the first inscription defining a people, not a community, but a religious faith by the emblem, the Star of David; as you know this inscription; in fact it’s kind of; it’s very bizarre because it points to one place with a cross, saying, “This is the Christian quarter,” and one place with the star of David, “This is the Jewish quarter,” in Vienna, 17th century.


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