God’s guidance by Pastor Melissa Scott

June 25, 2010 · Posted in Pastor Melissa Scott 

This is the water that you can rest beside. This is the place where you can drink and eat of God’s Word and your cup does run over and your head is anointed by just the very aspect of understanding what His provisions are. I’m blessed and you’re blessed beyond any possible word that we could ever possibly speak. But this one encompasses it.

This is, truly if you’ll go back in you and your own time read and reread the story in I Kings 17, that miracle cruse of oil that it says, “It did not fail.” It ran abundantly, could not contain. So when we speak of God prosperity let’s put in the proper context. I’ve got to look to Him. He’s watching over me. And it’s not just to get something from Him. My prosperity is named in there, I have food for my belly, I have got provisions, I’ve got leading, I’ve got guidance, he lines-and in fact there is seven for sure and possibly ten instructions for His shepherd hood toward those that read and say, “That’s it.” God’s guidance is sufficient. His care is enough. 

If you’re in a situation today, if you’re in your state of mind or where you are today finds you in a place where you think, “I am lost,” the Lord is my Shepherd. If you’re finding yourself in a place, whether it’s a sickness, whatever it is, I could go through all the names of God, but they’re all encompassed in that one name, because His constant care for every dimension of those creatures tells me for food, for prevision, for guidance, the most; the greatest one, He restores my soul. I lift that out and I said, “He restores my soul.” He lets me Sabbath with Him.

When I receive my crown that fades not away, I get to Sabbath with Him: promise obtained. Now I’m praying that through the week you’ll make this your place of meditation, your place of prayer, where you latch onto this just one simple verse; four words, nine in English.

I don’t care if you say it in English or in Hebrew. Just start claiming that. If you’re in a situation, “The LORD is my shepherd, the LORD is my shepherd. He’s leading me, He’s guiding me, and He’s there with me ever present. His care is to see that I am making it in, going the right direction. Trust me that care encompasses every nature and every dimension of every single person in the sound of my voice today. That’s my message.


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