The Word Good News by Pastor Melissa

July 2, 2010 · Posted in Pastor Melissa Scott 

The “good news” this word here is translated on your piece of paper “to the poor” and it describes not the poor necessarily that are homeless, that are needy of material things but destitution, someone who is destitute. The Gospel goes not just to those who don’t “have” financially, the King James was very high on trying to tout poor as in material things but poor as in destitute is what is being said here. “Sent” “he hath sent me” I put a comma because they were too close together, “he hath sent me.” Then we have this right translation here.

Pastor Melissa Scott telss us that this word is another important word. Now, that word reflects this “to bind up” is a different word, completely different I don’t even want to go into it, it’s not even worth wasting time on it. It’s a different word. There are many words in the Greek for healing. I’ve just put two of them, if you come up here please, David, Now just take a picture of that. There are two words, two Greek words the top one, let me put my finger there, can you read that, that says therapul from which we get therapy, can you see that. There are two words there, one on top of each other, if you’re looking at your handout you’ll know what you’re looking at, that’s good thank you. Therapul, which is therapy, to heal, and you can check this out when you go home. Don’t do it now, but Luke 9:11 “He cured those that needed healing.” The other word beneath it has a two-part action to it. It, it heals somebody but it also delivers them from “ceremonial” uncleanliness and you can work that out at home I don’t want to explain it to you, okay? But this word here is used specifically for sickness, ailments, not just to heal the brokenhearted. It is a healing of sickness.

You can be in need today of physical healing. I believe everybody right now needs some type of healing. Some of it is purely physical, some of it is spiritual. I said this a couple of weeks ago, there’re different kinds of healing but this one is intrinsic to disease, to sickness not some other issue, it is just what I’m saying. It’s not something like to mend the brokenhearted which sounds very, you know namby pamby, it doesn’t have the oomph that says not just healing but curing something, sickness, disease. Okay, I think I’ve killed that one to death.


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