The Good Godly Line by Pastor Melissa Scott

July 9, 2010 · Posted in Pastor Melissa Scott 

“The English word ‘man’ is related to the Sanskrit manu through its German roots. Gothic, the oldest known Germanic language used the form mana for ‘man.’” Now it continues and gets a little bit more interesting and I think I am just going to read it to you. “In the Egyptian mythology Nu was the god of waters who sent an inundation to destroy mankind, familiar to the flood story “and Nu and his consort, Nut, were deities…” hey I didn’t make that up, that is in here “were deities of the firmament and the rain.” Imagine having a consort named Nut. “In Europe, the prefix ma seems to have taken over from da which is also an old word for water or river. This led to the name Dan in England and the European Danube.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that the first Greeks living in the coastal regions of Europe were called Danoi or people of water, variants of the name Danube, or Dano, Dana, Danu, Danao and Danai.” Say that five times. “The root of these names is danu which means flowing, the Latvian river Dvina was formerly called Duna and it is also from that root word duna. And he goes on to describe things, but there is one little thing he says as to the American continent, “Manu seems to have modified in several ways. The Sioux language took its form of the word minne meaning water; thus we have proper names for Minneapolis, the city of water and Minnesota meaning sky blue water.” So we have a nice little word study on the name Noah from Dr. Boice, but we know the name Noah in the Hebrew means ‘rest.’ That is what his name means.

Now we first find Noah in the genealogies. We know that he is in the descendant of the good Godly line if you wish and not the other line. And we encounter him in this moral decline – what is going on in the world. Every time I read this passage, I can’t help but think how pathetic if we believe that God created man, “Let us make man in our image” – how pathetic man had become that God would say in verse 6, it is being said of God: “And it repented the LORD that he had made man on earth” and that is a pretty sorry state “and it grieved him at his heart.” My husband used to use the word ‘anthropomorphic; I call this an ‘anthropapathia.’


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