The Ephesian Book by Pastor Melissa Scott

July 30, 2010 · Posted in Pastor Melissa Scott 

And if you know what the size of the Parthenon is, that’s staggering! A hundred and thirty columns lined the way two by two, each column gifted by a king – not just marble columns, but encrusted with gold and silver and jewels. People tend to cross-fertilize, if you will, the Temple Artemis, which we relate to Diana and Cybele, which the fact of the matter is if you look back and you find about the history of Artemis, she’s not who we see she is in the Ephesian book. Artemis, the original temple, was a beautiful temple to the virgin sister of Apollo, not to Cybele, not to Diana. Later, the Italian goddess.

In fact, no message is complete without a dictionary. I’m glad you like dictionaries. I like dictionaries too. I also like dictionaries when I have my glasses on because I can read better. Some of us, those of you that have been around, it’s kind of fuzzy because when you read the Ephesian letter, and we’ve been conditioned to think that this Artemis, Diana, is the multi breasted goddess. But in fact that goddess that came into the temple, that’s Celine or Cybele that was co mingled.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that the original Artemis was the sister of Apollo. We read here: “Artemis, probably the most popular of the Hellenic deities. Artemis was worshipped wherever the Greeks settled and by the Romans as Diana after she was identified with the Italian goddess of that name. Her occasional identification with the Greek moon goddess Celine had begun by the 5th century BC.” And we go on to read-I’m going to try and find here where it says “Daughter of Zeus by the titaness Lido and twin sister of Apollo, Artemis was born either on the island of Delos where the horn altar constructed the altar of horns.” And it goes on to tell a little bit of her history.

All I’m concerned with is making sure we separate something that happened. Too bad we couldn’t learn from them. If their goddess, Artemis, would have stayed pure and I say that, not co-mingled with another god but what happened is the night the temple the first time burned, and this is important to register all this, when it was rebuilt, by the way, the person who burnt down the temple, it’s kind of a strange story.


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