The Apostolic Age by Pastor Melissa Scott

August 16, 2010 · Posted in Pastor Melissa Scott 

The Apostolic Age is coming to an end; when he dies, the Apostolic Age is over. It must have killed him in his spirit, John, to see what’s happening with this Church. Remember, he’s on an island in exile, so. Maybe when he left, the Church wasn’t in this state; maybe when he left this was beginning to happen. It must have been like a knife through his heart, this pastor, this one, this Apostle of Love, to see what happened to his Church. So when you read about Jesus has the seven stars, which are the messengers, the pastors, and He’s walking in the midst of the Churches, you might say “Well, it’s His Church. Why, why wouldn’t He take care?” He did! And look at this, not one but two eyewitnesses to Jesus were pastor of that Church, and still I’m going to just jump to the, the bandwagon here still, what does it say about them?

The King James reads the problem with them, I’m going to get to their good things, but the problem with them, their bad things is it says “Because thou hast left thy first love.” Let me tell you what the Greek reads. The Greek says “You’ve abandoned your first love.” A little subtle difference between “I just left” and “I abandoned.” It means “Whack! That’s it!” So these seven words of commendation we’re going to look at culminate in this. Two eyewitnesses to Jesus, I really want this to sink in! I’m going to sound like a parrot, but two eyewitnesses to Jesus! What Church has the luxury of having had two eyewitnesses to Jesus? Paul and John being the pastor, and yet it still happened there. That tells me if it can happen there, it can happen anywhere. With the best, most loving, most dedicated person at the helm of the Church it can happen. The letter also says “To he that overcometh,” and the word for ‘overcometh’ is being used of victory, like of someone running a race.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that to the person that overcomes, you’ll get this: you’ll get “to eat of the tree of life” which was taken away by Adam’s fall, will be given back to you which means life eternal. That’s what you’re going to get if you’ll cross the finish line, like the picture that you see when people run a marathon when they’re breaking through the ribbon with their hands up in the air. With their last push they cross the finish line. That’s what He’s talking about! Don’t quit; don’t give up; don’t stop!


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