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August 24, 2010 · Posted in Pastor Melissa Scott 

They ended up tying him loosely to a stake and burning him. And while they have him tied there he promised he wouldn’t move, he didn’t. The flames encircled his body but they didn’t touch his body and the executioner stood and marveled thinking what is this man that the flames don’t touch him so he pierced him with a sword or spear. And it said that so much blood came out of the man that it extinguished the fire. They put his body on the pyre to be burned and if you read Fox’s Book of Martyrs, which I have a copy here, you’ll read tens of thousands of Christians that died.  It makes this candy store Christianity that you see today a tragedy, probably God in heaven lamenting “What have the people done; that they’ve forgotten what price was paid?” starting with my Lord and Savior moving down through time when people wouldn’t belittle the name of  Jesus Christ.  They would die  and count it an honor That was then. (applause)

Now if you recall I talked about Cybele, Kybele and I started researching that and it’s very interesting; I don’t want to talk too much about it cause it doesn’t pertain to anything really except that Smyrna had its local version of Cybele, the Mother Siplene or Mater Meter, strange name for a goddess or whatever it was, kind of freaky looking thing. But it’s amazing how history will kind of invert itself. And let me, let me say and preface because we’re going to go into the text, I need to preface something.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that there are many who have taken this text as license for anti-Semitism the text we’re reading, they’ve taken it as license for that. Just as the church at Ephesus had to deal with people that came forward saying “God had sent them” and that still exists today, “the Lord sent me and I have a message for you, He told me thus and so.” It existed in that day what Jesus is saying to the Church is there are people in your midst that are professing to be something they’re not.


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