Six commendations of the church by Pastor Melissa Scott

September 8, 2010 · Posted in Pastor Melissa Scott 

What else? “His eyes like unto a flame of fire, and his feet like fine brass.” Well I said He’s going to come to the people exactly where they are. Those eyes of His are going to burn through and pierce through the veil of fallacy. And His feet of brass when they finally do touch down there will be judgment, but you’re going to see in this He’s already warned this church. We don’t have record of it. He’s already warned them and I’m going to prove that as we go through the text. There’s going to be a lot of hot stuff flying around because these people as good as they are in these, in the next verse.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that in verse 19 you have six commendations of the church. Not seven for example but six. Listen to what it says “I know thy works” – erga the King James does a little blunder it says “and charity.” The word is agapane. How strange that – you know the word. I’ll write it phonetically in English. It’s actually the ending tells us what it is. The whole text is written, almost all of it in the accusative referring to the church because “I know your works, I know your love” – not charity – “your love” and not just any kind of love. Not eros: erotic love. Not phileo: you do for me I do for you. But “I know your agapiv” – your unconditional, uncalculated giving of yourself.

So how could we be in this church? I just told you a lot of bad things about it. How could this be happening? Well they had to have a little bit of good, right? Just a little bit. It says “I know your works, I know your agapiv and service.” That word transferred over. I don’t want to too much into language because I’ve got other stuff to do is the word we get for ‘deacon.’ He’s saying service to the ministry. It’s the word that we eventually translate into English deacon. So ‘I know your service in the ministry and your faith’ – pistin -’and your endurance’ – not patience – ‘your endurance and your works. He just repeated works twice. Is that a mistake?


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