Mediator on earth by Pastor Melissa Scott

September 23, 2010 · Posted in Pastor Melissa Scott 

You want to be everything that God will impute to you. And at the same time you’re in that body like Romans 7 wrestling against the old man that’s still present. So I was glad, I was glad for that response because it tells me the minute we come to a point – that is the corner I turned; I had to turn it too – where we recognize – now I’m going to speak for myself – I recognized the state I’m in. Truly come to a state of recognition. This is not going to be popular, but I’d rather you – the ones that raised your hand and the ones that wrestle with this – I’d rather try and help you than just play the hypocrite game and say ‘Well you’re okay and don’t worry about it and go away.’ How can you be everything that God intends you to be in your Christian walk if you keep getting stepped on? And the stepping may not occur from the outside. It may be you, yourself and the devil crushing your ability to grow.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that there’s only one Mediator on earth that can hear your plea and do something about it. Just one. Jesus Christ. You want to tell somebody that’s your business. But your confession, your issues, only one person can do something about it. We want to talk about the issues of guilt and repentance and propitiation and expiation, which we will. We’ll touch on all of those things.

I picked a little something to read to you before I get started from Pinkum, his book called The Lamb of God. I don’t necessarily agree with everything he says but says it better than I could possibly say it. So why bother trying to explain it? Just read from it. His topic, the title is Romans 3:23, The Universality of Sin. Now I can guarantee you after I am done today you either are going to – the few that raised their hand – like you’ve been liberated or you’re going to leave here thinking that I tried to lay some trip on you, which I’ll be the last person to want to do that to anybody. I want to encourage you. I want you to be able to say ‘I’m growing in the faith.’


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