The age of emancipation by Pastor Melissa Scott

September 27, 2010 · Posted in Pastor Melissa Scott 

Now comes the age of emancipation. A child is old enough that when Mommy or Daddy shuts the lights at nighttime ‘It’s time to go to bed Johnny.’ Remember the days – now this is really, even though I said what I just said, it’s going to kind of, a little bit date me a little bit. Because I used to think that flicking on the flashlight and reading a comic book was like taboo. Now lights are shut off – click – you. Now a days the lights go off, the kids click on the computer on the mouse and they’re off on some chat room, chat land somewhere. The age of emancipation. Deceit begins. Mom and Dad think the child is in bed. The child’s doing something else.

Oh come on. Don’t try that with me. I’m trying to make a point. I love the way people try to delineate and define. Like we’re being weighed in the balance. The only measuring rod that can be used by the way is the glory of God; His standard. You go back to the garden. Let me build on this analogy and I’m going to just abandon Boice because what I have to say at this point is probably more important than what he’s going to say. You can read his book anytime.

Pastor Melissa Scot tells us that back in the garden a measure of freedom is given. Before the fall they’re clothed in that Shekanyah glory. They were naked, but they were clothed in God’s glorious light. They were radiant, beautiful, however they were. That’s the clothing pre-fall. Then the clothing right after the fall, they make aprons of fig leaves. Listen to this. The fig leave were enough to cover what they wanted to cover but not enough to cover shame because when God came and said “Adam where art thou” he hid himself. Those leaves were not enough cover.


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