God’s way by Pastor Melissa Scott

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My burnt offering I place here and I expect nothing in return. It brings me joy to say “This I put here.” And not like the Pharisee “Let me show what I’m putting here.’ Matthew 6 tells us clearly when you do your alms you do them quietly. Don’t let the left hand know what the right hand is doing. The Bible is so clear, this is what’s paining me, I don’t understand why people are not just taking that and teaching the people. There is dignity, there is dignity in giving to God God’s way. God loves a hilarious giver and I’m going to prove that right now. If I haven’t proven it already, I’m going to make a capstone on this.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that this word here: hilaron, I’ve said we get our English word ‘hilarious.’ Now you read in Romans – you don’t even need to turn there, I’ll just tell you – Romans 3:25 and Hebrews 9:5. Jot these down, look at them later. Those two places, and I’m going to write it in English for you so you can see. Hilaron, this word here and the word that we have read when we read Jesus was not only the propitiatory, He was the propitiation. The propitiatory, the propitiation, the place which we call the ‘mercy seat,’ He ‘mercy-seated’ Himself. This word here is an adjective. All right. The word for what Jesus did, where He did it and how He did it: hilasterion, I’m writing in English so all the folks can see, is also an adjective.

No complicated stuff today, it’s just simple stuff. Now this is the Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature, Danker and Bowers. This word hilaron and its derivatives: hilaros, hilara, hilaron, translating ‘to be full of cheer,’ ‘cheerful,’ ‘glad,’ ‘happy things’ – ha, ha, ha, right? The next word down hilaratos, hilaratos: ‘quality or state of cheerfulness.’ It’s the ‘state of being,’ gladness,’ ‘whole-heartedness,’ ‘graciousness,’ et cetera. You keep going down the etymological scale of things and you will come to hilasterion.

About God’s Word by Pastor Melissa Scott

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Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that if you’re listening for the first time on Internet, wherever you’re listening, please don’t send any money to this ministry unless you have been taught by this ministry, unless you have been taught in the Word of God. And that is the only reason for sending money to this ministry because you’ve been taught in the Word. You recognize what you have received and you are paying accordingly for it. I don’t want people sending change because they think we’re some mission somewhere. We’re in the middle of rebuilding and we’re stepping out in faith. But I want to make sure I have people knowing this is a Church that means business about God’s Word. And I’m not interested in having people who don’t understand what they’re supporting. I don’t want you to become a partner. We don’t have any partners. I’m not a partner of Jesus Christ, I’m His servant, so are you.

Now let me go back to some fundamentals because I know a lot of people are going to say “Are you saying the most important offering that you can do is a burnt offering?” No, the spirit of the burnt offering. The spirit that’s behind that that says…. I’m not telling you put everything you have in the pot. That’s what I’m going to get to in a minute, which is what the New Testament Church did. I’m telling you the spirit in which you give – it was Abraham offering Isaac. What do you think: God’s some sadist?

He wanted to know Abraham really was believing and faithing and trusting the LORD before the angel stayed his hand. “Now I know,” that’s what God wants from all of us. And that, when that is real, not coerced, not pretend, when that attitude of giving is real, I believe that’s when God starts to bless. And it’s not the blessing of “Oh, my business is prospering and everything’s coming up rosy and all the flowers are growing in the garden.” It’s a blessing that you can’t understand if it’s really happening to you. It’s one where you are beginning to realize your reason for being is not some function that rotates around society but your reason for being in whatever capacity you serve the Lord, you are His bought with a price.

Process of evolution by Pastor Melissa Scott

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But I do believe, this is going to confuse everybody. I do believe there is a process of evolution that occurs in Christianity. That is ‘I was lost, and now I’m found’ and the minute ‘I’m found’ it doesn’t mean that I start becoming Christ-like. Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that the process by which I’m conformed, Romans 8 says the process by which I’m conformed that canopy makes me a product of Jesus Christ’s evolution in me. What I will become when I’m completed. So if you want to ask me if I believe in the theory that Darwin or whomever supported and purported and put out there: No, absolutely not! But let me get to what I came to talk about. That’s not it. No one knows what I’m going to talk about today. Isn’t that wonderful?

Actually I did prepare a message. And it’s very hard for me to start this message because it seems like everywhere when you turn on your TV anybody who is talking about Christianity; they’re not talking about Christ. They’re only talking about $$.$$. Everywhere. I’ve made up my mind that I have to do this. And I have to do this because you’ve been taught about giving God’s way. But there’s a whole world out there that thinks that giving to God is reaching into your pocket grabbing down for some change and some lint and putting it in the pot as it passes by. Jesus, when He spoke, He many times, by means of the paradox. Okay you in order to go up you must go down, in order to be first you must be last, in order to get I must give. That becomes the Aristotelian formula for this society we live in. If this, then that. If I give, I will get. And if you are giving in that mode, if you are giving in the formula ‘if this, then that’ you are not giving God’s way. You aren’t even giving at all because you are calculating what your investment is and what your return will be. And when you are doing it God’s way it is unconditional, there’s no strings attached.