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October 12, 2010 · Posted in Pastor Melissa Scott 

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that if you’re listening for the first time on Internet, wherever you’re listening, please don’t send any money to this ministry unless you have been taught by this ministry, unless you have been taught in the Word of God. And that is the only reason for sending money to this ministry because you’ve been taught in the Word. You recognize what you have received and you are paying accordingly for it. I don’t want people sending change because they think we’re some mission somewhere. We’re in the middle of rebuilding and we’re stepping out in faith. But I want to make sure I have people knowing this is a Church that means business about God’s Word. And I’m not interested in having people who don’t understand what they’re supporting. I don’t want you to become a partner. We don’t have any partners. I’m not a partner of Jesus Christ, I’m His servant, so are you.

Now let me go back to some fundamentals because I know a lot of people are going to say “Are you saying the most important offering that you can do is a burnt offering?” No, the spirit of the burnt offering. The spirit that’s behind that that says…. I’m not telling you put everything you have in the pot. That’s what I’m going to get to in a minute, which is what the New Testament Church did. I’m telling you the spirit in which you give – it was Abraham offering Isaac. What do you think: God’s some sadist?

He wanted to know Abraham really was believing and faithing and trusting the LORD before the angel stayed his hand. “Now I know,” that’s what God wants from all of us. And that, when that is real, not coerced, not pretend, when that attitude of giving is real, I believe that’s when God starts to bless. And it’s not the blessing of “Oh, my business is prospering and everything’s coming up rosy and all the flowers are growing in the garden.” It’s a blessing that you can’t understand if it’s really happening to you. It’s one where you are beginning to realize your reason for being is not some function that rotates around society but your reason for being in whatever capacity you serve the Lord, you are His bought with a price.


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