About the Gospel by Pastor Melissa Scott

November 15, 2010 · Posted in Pastor Melissa Scott · Comments Off 

Now what I love about this verse is we can just read through it very quickly, but in doing so, there are some little significant points. See, he says for example, “Neither when I up to Jerusalem which were apostles before me,” by the way, he’s still calling these people brethren. He’s trying to let them know if anything is on par with “anybody”, and he’s going to go on and mention Peter and James and John; he wants these to know if anybody’s on par with anybody he’s staying the course but he, Paul received it straight from Jesus. These others probably said, “Well I have something, too.” “And not like me. I didn’t go and get it from somebody else.” He’s making his case right here. I’d say verses 11 and 12 are kind of like his thesis, talking about the Gospel, the revelation and the understanding; this is not a man-invented thing going on here.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that now he then goes on to kind of catalog a time frame. You can line it up. My interest is not for the history, my interest is to show in lining it up Paul is trying to tell these people “what happened to me over here and then progressively until the point that I’m now speaking to you”. So he says here, “but I went into Arabia, returned again unto Damascus. Then after three years I went up to Jerusalem to see Peter”. Everybody always says that was his first visit. I don’t really care if it was his first, his second or his third; for this discussion the very fact is that he went to see Peter first.