Through His Blood by Pastor Melissa Scott

August 25, 2011 · Posted in Pastor Melissa Scott 

Now, trespasses in the Old Testament was like the Arabic. I looked it up: “sins we didn’t realize we were doing,” what they call “sins of innocence.” Okay, I think it meant “sins of ignorance,” but it says “of innocence.” The word being used is “to show,” and it’s a special kind of word: “to fall alongside or fall by the wayside.” It’s not just something that one can catalogue and say, “I eat too much,” or, “I do this,” and then therefore those are the sins. What he’s talking about here, what we are through his blood, the forgiveness. What is it? What are we being forgiven?

Well, this makes the umbrella. But this tells us these are our slippings and our fallings in life. This is what we are going through daily as a day-to-day thing, our condition as a whole, Romans 3:23. If you picture the word hamartia like a canopy, it covers everything. It sits on the top over here. That’s hamartia, and everything under the canopy becomes this word paraptomaton. It is the slipping. It’s not something we identify and say, “Well, my trespasses are thus and so.” It’s the slipping and the falling that we do in our pilgrimage.


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