God Knows What Is In Your Heart by Pastor Melissa Scott

November 10, 2011 · Posted in Pastor Melissa Scott 

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that we tend to separate things into compartments and say that one thing in this compartment, temporal, and another thing is in that compartment, eternal. But the common thread shows why the Gospel is not popular: people do not want to be forced to look at the cross. It has been said many times: everybody wants resurrection without the pain of the cross. Everybody wants that new life without the shame. But Jesus hung there in shame and disgrace, belittled and ridiculed.

Now the life that we have as Christians, we are to live abundantly, reaching in to what God affords for us to have. In the humanistic realm, that has become license to say, “God wants people to possess earthly things,” and that becomes your focus. So I am not misunderstood, I’m not against earthly things, but I believe the words were, “Seek ye the kingdom of God first.” But there is a paradox. Jesus says that if you’re not willing to forsake everything, which means your mother, your father, your sister, your wife, your brother, “and your own life also, you cannot be my disciple.” Once God knows that you are willing to do that, He doesn’t want everything. It is a strange universe we live in, in the spiritual realm. Once God knows what is in your heart, and He sees and grabs hold of that spirit person, He doesn’t want everything of you. I use the reference point of Abraham sacrificing Isaac: the angel stayed his hand saying, “Now I know you’ll trust me. Now I know you’ll be obedient,” and the Lord provided another sacrifice. So when I speak of these things, those people who are not familiar with the passages might say, “Well, that’s very harsh,” but not if you understand the paradox. And at the same time, we don’t do something in expectancy to receive. The things we do are done without calculation, as the Bible tells us.


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