Three Things by Pastor Melissa Scott

November 25, 2011 · Posted in Pastor Melissa Scott 

According to Pastor Melissa Scott these words are not used of human strength. These are, the dunameos think of the magnitude of dynamite, this massive force, beyond human. Kratos likewise, not human, when we get to the latter passages we’ll read the kosmokrataros the world rulers. But it’s forces that are not human. And iskous: strength, not human. these three things are already deposited in us and they are not human power.

They are the power; here we go; the power that raised up Christ from the dead, because that is what the next verse is talking about and that’s what texts on the board are. I might get to them. The power; you never know; the power that raised Christ from the dead, that same power that darkened the sky, that same power that shook the ground, that same power that let Him go through that stone, the same power that let Him appear and disappear to the many different times. That same power when He ascended, those two witnesses “ye men of Galilee what are you standing there looking up in the heavens for? This same Jesus, the way He went, He’ll come back again, the same power. That same power is not a human power. Okay, I get that. When Christ moved into a tent of human flesh and inhabited something like what we have. And the process of Him inhabiting that flesh, then laying it down and raising up again. We’re just little Christs. The power of the Spirit comes and takes up abode in us, just like Jesus moving into a tent of human flesh, the Holy Spirit moves into this tent of human flesh and begins to bring forth for His purpose this. That circle that is just going to keep going and keep going.


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