God is Working by Pastor Melissa Scott

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God has been wonderful to me. I’m so grateful that I can teach His Word.

The message I want to communicate is one you’ve heard many times; most of you. But because I look at this and I see myself on the Potter’s wheel just like the next person,  it’s hard for me to accept that God is working a work on me.  I finally have said, “There’s nothing that I can do. I’ve just got to – I trust you. You’re the one being potter. I commit myself to you” and my failures and my troubles, all of the things that I go through. He uses those circumstances, the stuff of life, to accomplish the process.

And I know without a doubt, there are times when I thought, “You know if I could be on this wheel, but if I could just control the speed or I could control how many people are looking in while I’m being spun out of control.”

Pastor  Scott continued by mentioning: “Do you know how many times have I dropped my guard in the flesh and thought, “My life is spinning out of control”?

God’s got it under control. He’s got this whole picture, like He’s got the whole world in His hands. “Well, yeah, that’s great. It’s the world, but it doesn’t apply to me. God could not possibly know how badly my life is bent out of shape.” Oh, yeah?

In fact that’s the favorite type of clay that He likes. The type of clay that sits on the shelf that has this, “I’m pretty good already. Thanks.” I think He likes to leave those clay pieces there. He picks up the ones that have some mixed in ingredients, different color, different shape, different size. Some that thought they’d never get the opportunity to be shaped, He looks at those, puts you on that wheel and begins to do His work.

Power that raised Him up by Pastor Melissa Scott

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Now I’m sorry this appears so simplistic a message but I can’t help it. Sometimes simple is better. You go back and you read how the apostle Paul cataloged all this wonderful life of the believer and used the illustration of Christ: dead and that power that raised Him up. And then he turns around by parallel use and says, “Now you were dead.” You’re dead in another way. He that was dead was truly dead and knew no sin, but you, you were actually dead, spiritually dead and uses the same concept. If you look at this it’s like a kiosmus. He uses this same way to tell us to tell us at the end, “and hath raised us up together.”

If you’ll read that passage where it says, chapter 1 verse 20, “Which He” worked, “Which He wrought in Christ, when He raised Him from the dead, and set Him at His own right hand in the heavenlies, heavenly places.” Same thing. It’s a different way of saying, as he’ll say in Romans 6, buried with Christ, raised up with Christ. Your baptism, when I baptized the people we said, “Down with the old man, up with the new.”

Pastor Melissa Scott continues and tells us that same concept being said here in this, what I call a kiosmus, which is what started with Christ, will end with Christ. But we’re in the middle like a mirror looking back and forth. And he says that in the ages to come he might display, he might show or display, the super-abounding, surpassing wealth of His grace and His kindness to uswards through Christ Jesus.

Christ Jesus Unto Good Works by Pastor Melissa Scott

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We have some idea that if we take a little tidbit of something and we mold it into what we think because we read the text and it says, “unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.” Well I have yet to see somebody walk in good works. I’ve yet to see it. That will hit you a little later. It must look strange. All right? Never mind. “For,” I was just checking. Come on now.

“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus Unto Good Works.” Now, to convey this idea that it is nothing that we bring to the table I’m going to take you back to a passage that this church has heard at least thirty times. We’ve been there. If you listen on the network you’ve probably heard it a hundred plus times. And it is a place I’m hoping you will look at with fresh eyes today for explaining how we are His masterpiece creation.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that turn your Bibles to Jeremiah 18. “The word which came to Jeremiah from the LORD, saying, arise, and go down to the potter’s house, and there I will cause thee to hear My words. Then I went down to the potter’s house, and behold He wrought a work.” How many have that scratched out “a work”? Okay, there’s less than half of you. I’ll come back – let’s read through the text and I’ll come back to that. “He wrought a work on the wheels.

Armenian Language by Pastor Melissa Scott

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Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that we’ll read it first:  Ee- vasmyertvuikly po pryestooplyeneeyam ee grekham vasheem, which translated is not to far off from English, either, by the way. “And you dead” – there the same thing – “in” – here they say “transgressions” or, I like this or “treason” is the other. It’s the way it’s translated, I don’t know. “In treason and sins of you.” Same thing without the English italics added.

And I have a new language for you today, because I’m going to start using the Armenian language, which is very helpful for our studies. A new language I introduce to you, today, which says very much the same things except you’ll see what happens, what they do. We’ll phonetically translate it for you, douk merats; let’s pray that I don’t butcher this too badly; éeek; this is a very unique language, let me tell you that, very unique. So many squiggly lines and things, it makes, to me the Ethopic is more understandable than the Armenian.

I mean no offense by that, but it’s quite a language. Han- and we have here a- n- k- n- this is e- r- rou- this sounds like yen and n- and m-e-g-h-k-e-r-o-u. This is mech but it sounds like mege ba- bayts- e-n-k- this is tsek with the ‘k’ sound at the end and There we go. So here’s the translation for you and it’s saying, “You dead” – we’ll have to write upside down a little bit – “You dead” and “in” – we have here, they’re calling it “faults and sins in” or “among but He” or “Himself made you alive.” They took the English portion and you can see it here, “You dead in your faults and sins and/among but He Himself made you alive.” They took that English version. This language, it’s extremely valuable when we study the scripture. They do a lot of things that are very, very helpful for us to understand what’s being said. These will give us a direction to go in.

The Teaching by Pastor Melissa Scott

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This is the King’s house too by the way. Anywhere where people gather or where you dedicate yourselves to God’s program is dedicated to the Lord. But there’s not other attachments. We’re not going to have people calling you to try to get you to do something crazy like shave your head or paint your hair red or something. I don’t know. Simply a number you can call in and say, “I’m watching the program” because a King’s House agrees to watch the program a couple of times a week and most of the people out there are already doing that. They’re already watching a couple of times a week. Some of them don’t know that they can just call in and say, “This is great. I’m calling in to thank you for the teaching and I’m calling for a prayer request.”

And at the same time call in and get a King’s Tither’s number and say, “I want to help in this ministry. My way of helping is to show I understand where the value of the teaching is. Worth-ship. The reasons why I give.” And if you don’t know the reasons yet why you should give, get the teaching tapes on giving. Learn to give God’s way. Learn why you give. The church is not a charitable trust. We try to educate people to put dignity back into giving. Giving should be at the forefront. The problem is the world and some of the church world has so corrupted giving it’s become something disgusting and despicable. But if you have a heart towards God you become a hilarious giver and there has to be a governor put on your hilarious giving. So you become a tither. So I say it loudly and joyfully if you want to participate, that’s how you participate.