The Teaching by Pastor Melissa Scott

December 2, 2011 · Posted in Pastor Melissa Scott 

This is the King’s house too by the way. Anywhere where people gather or where you dedicate yourselves to God’s program is dedicated to the Lord. But there’s not other attachments. We’re not going to have people calling you to try to get you to do something crazy like shave your head or paint your hair red or something. I don’t know. Simply a number you can call in and say, “I’m watching the program” because a King’s House agrees to watch the program a couple of times a week and most of the people out there are already doing that. They’re already watching a couple of times a week. Some of them don’t know that they can just call in and say, “This is great. I’m calling in to thank you for the teaching and I’m calling for a prayer request.”

And at the same time call in and get a King’s Tither’s number and say, “I want to help in this ministry. My way of helping is to show I understand where the value of the teaching is. Worth-ship. The reasons why I give.” And if you don’t know the reasons yet why you should give, get the teaching tapes on giving. Learn to give God’s way. Learn why you give. The church is not a charitable trust. We try to educate people to put dignity back into giving. Giving should be at the forefront. The problem is the world and some of the church world has so corrupted giving it’s become something disgusting and despicable. But if you have a heart towards God you become a hilarious giver and there has to be a governor put on your hilarious giving. So you become a tither. So I say it loudly and joyfully if you want to participate, that’s how you participate.


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