God is Working by Pastor Melissa Scott

December 29, 2011 · Posted in Pastor Melissa Scott 

God has been wonderful to me. I’m so grateful that I can teach His Word.

The message I want to communicate is one you’ve heard many times; most of you. But because I look at this and I see myself on the Potter’s wheel just like the next person,  it’s hard for me to accept that God is working a work on me.  I finally have said, “There’s nothing that I can do. I’ve just got to – I trust you. You’re the one being potter. I commit myself to you” and my failures and my troubles, all of the things that I go through. He uses those circumstances, the stuff of life, to accomplish the process.

And I know without a doubt, there are times when I thought, “You know if I could be on this wheel, but if I could just control the speed or I could control how many people are looking in while I’m being spun out of control.”

Pastor  Scott continued by mentioning: “Do you know how many times have I dropped my guard in the flesh and thought, “My life is spinning out of control”?

God’s got it under control. He’s got this whole picture, like He’s got the whole world in His hands. “Well, yeah, that’s great. It’s the world, but it doesn’t apply to me. God could not possibly know how badly my life is bent out of shape.” Oh, yeah?

In fact that’s the favorite type of clay that He likes. The type of clay that sits on the shelf that has this, “I’m pretty good already. Thanks.” I think He likes to leave those clay pieces there. He picks up the ones that have some mixed in ingredients, different color, different shape, different size. Some that thought they’d never get the opportunity to be shaped, He looks at those, puts you on that wheel and begins to do His work.


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