The Initiative Starts with God by Pastor Melissa Scott

March 9, 2014 · Posted in Pastor Melissa Scott 

There are times I don’t know why God wants me, but amazing
grace and glory to God, as long as He does, I know the door is open. The
initiative starts with God, and you are not brought to God by chance.
When He starts scratching the surface or pounding on the door, thank God.

This story puts it in dramatic perspective; David is asking, “Where is he?”
“Is any,” underline that word, “Is any of the house of Saul…?”
Now, what is the nature of the one he was seeking? Notice that God does
not seek the sinner because of his merits. That is why I keep saying we
are not in the business of transplanting saints; we take all who come.

But He still came to seek and to save that which is lost; and it is the sick, He said, who need a physician. David wasn’t looking for a particular quality of person to receive the benefit of his kindness. He says, “Is there any?” and Ziba says, “Yeah, there is one which is lame, crippled, whose name is Mephibosheth.” Do you know what Mephibosheth means? Literally it would translate “a shameful thing.” A shameful thing.


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