Are You Ready for It? by Pastor Melissa Scott

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THERE ARE PLACES IN GOD’S WORD that sometimes we are ready
for, sometimes we are not; sometimes we are partially ready
and only get a part of it. 

That is why the Word of God is so rich. Have you ever read
a passage you have read many times, but because you were
ready for it, it leapt out at you? You see something that
you have never seen before; and the Spirit has taken the
Word and applied it to you. The Word I bring you today,
from His Word, is like that. God drove me back to it because
now is the time. 

Go to Genesis 13, the story of Abram. In the previous
chapter, Abram had failed miserably. The “father of faith,”
the one who symbolizes faith’s beginnings, had failed.

I don’t know if you can put yourself inside of Abraham in Ur
of the Chaldees, the greatest city in that land in that day.
There was a stirring in his spirit. The Bible does not tell
us how God spoke to him, but he was called out of Ur. By
faith, he went seeking a city he had never seen, one that he
did not know existed. If you know the geography and if you
can put flesh and blood on these Bible personalities, imagine
the kind of faith that took this man across deserts, across
rivers, through treacherous mountains, not knowing where he
was going. The only word, apparently, he had from the Lord
was a call to come forth. 

His faith enabled him to literally hang his body on what he
believed the Lord had called him to do. His faith caused him
to defy deserts, rivers, mountains and dangers en route to
bring himself to a place that lies between two mountains: 

Gerizim and Ebal, later to be called the “Mount of Blessing”
and the “Mount of Cursing.” In modern Israel, the city called
Nablus occupies a site near this place.

There Are No Volunteers by Pastor Melissa Scott

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There are no “volunteers” in the Kingdom. On every level, this is
the commitment. It is morally wrong to subject any child in Sunday
school to a teacher who thinks he is doing God a favor to teach. There is
no such thing as “your work” and “His work.” You are either His 100
percent or you are not His, and it is all His. You have no family: you
raise your family for His glory. You don’t have a business: you are a
steward managing your business for Him. You don’t have a career or a
future: you are His to command! There is no church that is mine or
yours; it is His.
God will have nothing less than all of you. And that God would
take such stuff on which to build His Kingdom as typified in the
Adullamites and illustrated in the disciples tells me that it means a lot to
Him to have 100 percent. He will start over with such as these, like the
parable Jesus told of a certain man who made a great supper and sent
invitations. And all those invited made excuses. One had a wife, another
had a yoke of oxen to look at, another had a piece of ground. The man
said to his servant, “Bring in the lame and the halt.” (Luke 14:16-24)
When God calls, He wants all of you; that is a serious side of this