The Christian Journey is Warfare by Pastor Melissa Scott

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Pastor Scott teaches at Faith Center in Glendale, California

I find Christians all over the world forever being intimidated by
that “accuser of the brethren” who says that when things go wrong, “You
are out of God’s will.”

They are wrong and bad enough in themselves, but he just adds on more weight: “It is happening to you because you did something wrong.” Not so! This kind of circumstance is not happening to you because you did something wrong. To those Christians who have said to me that the sign of being out of God’s will is things going wrong circumstantially in your life, I have oft responded: then all the saints in
God’s book were out of God’s will most of the time!

The Christian journey is warfare.

Sick? Be of Good Courage Jesus Says by Pastor Melissa Scott

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What was the condition of the first man to whom Jesus addressed this word? He was “sick of palsy” on the surface, but that wasn’t what Jesus treated first. Jesus, who knows the heart, doesn’t waste words.

This chapter doesn’t make any sense to me unless Jesus saw something in the heart of that man sick of palsy that wasn’t so apparent to everybody else. To everybody else, he was sick with palsy, helpless, needing friends to carry him into Jesus’ presence and let him down before Him. But that is not where Jesus focused in. He first addressed Himself to something hidden. Jesus said, “Son, be of good courage,” to use the literal meaning; write it in the margin of your Bible. “Thy sins be forgiven thee.”

Jesus lived in a culture and came preaching in a culture that was forever linking physical sickness with sin. In John 9:1, He came upon a boy blind from birth. The scholars asked Him the question, “Who sinned, this boy or his parents?” Jesus said, “Neither one of them” and went ahead and treated the need. Everywhere a sick man was encountered, the onlookers would begin to suspect sins. Something was wilting the courage of this sick man. Jesus, in the giving of courage, removes the cause of non-courage, removes the basis of fear. He says, “Be of good courage; thy sins be forgiven thee.”