Determined to Get the Best by Pastor Melissa Scott

November 10, 2013 · Posted in Pastor Melissa Scott · Comments Off 


What about those “sons of the prophets”? They show me that the crowd is equally happy for you to get along without some things in God. The person who is determined to get the best tends to make the crowd nervous. And forever there is that watering-down influence that would package Christianity in one palatable formula so that everybody can get it and be done with it. With a wave at God on Sunday, like a friend in the house, they can then go their way.

 This book is teaching me that there is a place in God where God will let you get along without; indeed He may even test your resolve and put up resistance to you getting it. It teaches me that the majority in the kingdom are quite willing to get along without it. Indeed, they want you to stop and stay with them. These sons of the prophets discouraged Elisha, but he would not be satisfied staying where they were.