God Came to Find Us by Pastor Melissa Scott

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God had moved out of the eternal and invisible realm, and the Word, that was facing God and was of the same nature as God, dwelt, tented is the meaning of the Greek word: struck a tent in human flesh and moved into a package of flesh called Jesus of Nazareth. (John 1:1-14)

And there was God in a Person on the stage of history. If you wanted to know what God was like, there He was. And when He passed by, they went with Him. That was the good news being proclaimed. Onto the stage of history, a child would come: “Emmanuel” would be His name, “which being interpreted is, God with us.”

Pastor Melissa Scott goes on to say, Dr. Scott told me that he heard Canon Bryan Green at Stanford University once describe some people’s religious search. He said they are like a little child who quit playing hide-and-seek because it was “all seek and no find.” He said that is the way some people seek after God. They are forever looking in the wrong place. God came to find us.

What is Spirituality? by Pastor Melissa Scott

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Do you know what a spiritual person is? In New Testament Greek, a spiritual person is literally “the Spirit’s person.” In the Old Testament, God says He “clothed” Himself with Gideon: God put Gideon on and wore him like a garment. A spiritual person is one so possessed by the Spirit that you can truly say, “That person is His.” That is what the church of the New Testament was. The Lord’s, they called them; a simple designation, the Lord’s. We have another phrase in the New Testament, “we have this treasure,” God’s Spirit, “in earthen vessels.” (2 Corinthians 4:7)

Spirituality is God’s own nature finding an expression through us.

Now, some people do not know how to yield to it. Those who have watched people who are in the Spirit have witnessed the tension that begins to come when they are learning how, and then that breakthrough when the flesh begins to finally yield and flow with the Spirit, and then it flows easily and the struggle is over. This current charismatic renewal is learning you don’t have to tarry and wrestle to get it; you just receive, which is the message.